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Feudal System

Feudal System
Medieval Life


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A thousand years ago medieval laws started. The king was the most powerful person. He had knights to defend the country. Knights were also called vassals. Instead of money they were given land as a wage. These knights or lords had peasants working their land.  The land was divided into large estates called manors. These manors were owned by Lords. 

The word Feudal comes from the Latin word 'fief. 'Fief' means estate. The feudal system was a government.  The feudal system was like a pyramid. At the top was the king. Under the king were the barons. The knights served the barons and the peasants served the knights.

The king owned all the land. He gave some land to the barons.  The barons had to obey the king and pay him taxes on the land. The baron had to take care of the fief or land. The baron divided up his land and gave it to the knights. They had to serve and protect the baron. The knights divided their land up and gave it to the peasants who had to pay taxes.


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