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Medieval Life

Feudal System
Medieval Life


Medieval Life - this site is about life in a Medieval Times. It is very informative but lacks pictures.

Medieval Jobs - this site is about what jobs people did in a Medieval Times. It is very informative but lacks pictures. It is complete in the listing of jobs.

Medieval Women - this site is about a woman's position in a Medieval Times. It is very informative but lacks pictures.

Lords and Ladies

The Lord and Lady were rulers of a small feudal state. They owed allegiance to the king. They lived in a castle. They controlled their peasants and army of knights. These Lords and Ladies were of royal blood and marriages amongst the royalty were arranged to carry on the family name as well to to obtain power, land and to settle wars. 


Knights were professional soldiers and noblemen. When a boy reached the age of 7 he was sent away from home to court to start his training. At first he was a page and taught how to use weapons and defend himself. He learned the knights ways. At 9 he became a valet, 'little lord', and became a personal servant to a knight. When he was 15 he became a squire and carried the knight's weapons, led his extra horse and helped the knight put on his armour. He was a squire for usually 5 years until he proved himself to be a worthy knight. The young man was then knighted in a religious ceremony by the Lord or King. the ceremony was called the 'dubbing'.




Peasants lived in the villages near the manor house. The peasants worked on the lord's farm or in the manor or they had specific jobs in the village. The 'reeve' was chosen by the other peasants and it was his job to make sure the peasants did their jobs. The 'steward' looked after all of the lord's estates. The 'baliff' was in charge of the estate when the steward and lord were away. The 'hayward' was the village policeman. The priest lived in a house by the church. In the village there were different craftsmen such as blacksmiths, carpenters, miller, shepherd, and cowherd. 



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